Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy birthday!!

Today is one of my best friend Pamela's birthday...all thanks to one night at greenhouse. That night I didnt have any idea I would be meeting someone who would become my biggest inspiration. Afterall without her (and a few other tragedies in my life lol) I wouldnt have this very blog. Without her I most likely would have gotten into alot more trouble. looking back at all of our crazy adventures reminds me of an episode of gossip girl. Valentines day brunch, rooftop parties, sneaking into lavo with barbies in our purses, fashion shows, and boy troubles. We learned to never go for boy in the club that says he is a model, actor, dj, or promoter. We learned we could turn the crazy nightlife scene into a networking event every night. We learned we would never go above 34th street unless we were buying fabric or taking a stroll through central park. We learned not everyone who appears to be a friend is. We learned to not go anywhere after dark without heels. We learned how to get anything we wanted for free. But I think most important we learned who ourselves were. Just a girl from italy and a girl from minnesota running new york.

Happy birthday pam!! You truely are a talented person and I couldnt have honestly asked for a better friend! I know one day we will be there :)

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