Friday, December 30, 2011

Barbie Can Dance

Soooo...I was in love with the dress soo much that I made for the customer that I decided I needed this dress for myself. I decided to make it in a fun pink color and add some studs to it...just to make it more of a me design :) Now i'm all dressed up with no where to go :( Anyways it doesn't matter...when I look back at all the amazing opportunities and things I have done in 2011...I can say I have no regrets. I got my very first sale...and after that I sent off dresses and leggings to over 25 different cities in the U.S. including 1 boutique in Brooklyn and another in the UK. Somewhere out there my glittery designs are running around on girls with unique style and personality...something I had only dreamed of actually happening years ago. New York has made me realize anything is possible. Thank you everyone for the amazing year and all of your support...and just wait...I am just getting warmed up :)

And now for the dress...hope you like the pink version as much as I do!

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