Friday, October 14, 2011


Yesterday I had the day off from work so I went to the FIT museum to check out the daphne guiness exhibit they had going on. I was immediately in love. I didnt know who she was...but after 5 minutes I realized she was someone I need to know.

Daphne Guiness is a style icon and she borrowed some things from her closet to the school to put on display. She pretty much is a muse for a lot of designers. She isnt afraid to try anything once. Her wardrobe was seriously to die for! Soo much velvet, lace, glitter, and leather (are we related?) The only thing lacking in her wardrobe was my leggings :)

The exhibit was soooo inspiring I had to go home and sew something new for me (even tho I have a million customer orders to make). So here are my daphne guiness inspired leggings...ill call them daphne after her...maybe one day she will rock a pair of my leggings :)

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