Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Best Blog Ever!

So tonight I was doing my research like usual and came across the coolest blog I think I have seen yet. Its borderline fashion/art. This girl has a lot of guts to travel the U.S. and make clothing out of state symbols. Here are some of the pics I robbed from her because they are just too cool to be true. An inspiration to me for sure :)

"MINNESOTA: "Corn Dress" was created in September of 2004, while I was an artist-in-residence at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center in New York Mills, Minnesota, supported in part by a grant from the Jerome Foundation. "Corn Dress" was created with a 14-foot-tall welded steel frame, complete with a built-in ladder. It was 6-foot wide at its base. This sculpture was made possible by the hands of many wonderful volunteers, in a corn field belonging to Ray Sonnenberg and Brian Sillanpa of Homestead Valley Estates. Photo by Kevin Cederstrom." (taken from her blog)

 Here are a few of my other fav states...
 Iowa Prarie
 Nevada Poker Chips
 New York City Garbage
Wisconsin Pine Trees

 Check out other states and her cool pics of how she does it at :

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